Why Grombre Hair Color Is So Much More Than an Instagram Trend

Why Grombre Hair Color Is So Much More Than an Instagram Trend - ULOFEY

What is Grombre? Well, I didn’t know what it is, either. But then, it became the tagline for one of the biggest transitions in my life. A transition that was met with both opposition and fantastic support. This transition? The journey of going silver.

What Is Grombre Hair?
Grombre (‘gray’+’ombre’) is the way of letting your dyed hair gradually grow out and transition into the natural silver hair. It is the opportunity to find confidence and show your true colors, forgetting about the “necessity” of hiding what is natural and actually beautiful. Grombre allows women to feel authentic and beautiful in their skin, going naturally gray with grace and self-acceptance.

Grombre Movement and Instagram Community

I spent that time scouring Instagram, looking for people who had silver hair. It was then that I came upon the term “grombre.” I would see the term hashtagged in many posts of beautiful silver-haired women. But, I soon discovered, it wasn’t just a term to describe the transition to silver/gray/white hair. It was a COMMUNITY!

A community that is rather a global movement of women who want to live fully, beyond the imposed beauty standards. The followers of this movement find it necessary to challenge the usual perception of what we all think “beauty” is, as well as to reconsider into what we really should put our energy, time and attention. The purpose of the community is also to show that there are so many other things in the world that really matter, that can make us much happier than aligning with the things that will eventually turn out to be someone else’s expectations and desires.

This wonderful community is full of gorgeous women in various stages of silver, gray or white hair that are a huge source of inspiration for other women on the same journey. These women empower each other to feel beautiful and valuable in their natural bodies and embrace their natural gray hair because it is just as gorgeous as any trendy coloring can be. It is a group that offers support and words of encouragement to fellow grombres. They share their own stories of transition, or they even post a play by play of the various methods of their own grombre journey. Some are brave and patient and grow out their natural color. Some opt (this is what I did) for color removal and bleaching to match their root color while it grows. Most importantly, the group holds an extensive and varied amount of wisdom that assists in the dos, don’ts and musts of the grombre experience, all the while sending positive affirmations and championing for their community.

Grombre as a Lifestyle

Aging isn’t a bad thing, it’s a beautiful thing. There are things that you might adjust as you get older: fashion choices, makeup application, hair color, etc. But it doesn’t mean you turn frumpy, plain, or literally and figuratively “grayed out.” Instead, there are many approaches to beauty and lifestyle that can not only help someone to age gracefully, but also to age glamorously.


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