Fact-Checking the 8 Common Misconceptions about Wigs

Fact-Checking the 8 Common Misconceptions about Wigs

Whether for medical reasons, fashion, or convenience, wigs have provided numerous benefits you cannot overlook. These human hair-like hairpieces protect your natural crowning glory from harsh elements. They're also a popular, high-quality, and versatile way to boost your image and improve your confidence, especially if you want to cover noticeable and unwanted bald spots. 

Despite their popularity, wigs still have a bad reputation from other people due to myths about them being fake-looking, quickly falling off, and expensive. However, wigs are a natural-looking and non-committal solution for hair loss and trying out new hairstyles.

If you're ready to make informed decisions, enhance your look, and improve your self-esteem, this article will debunk the common misconceptions about wigs. 

1. Wigs Are Only for Cancer Patients or Older Women

We can now frequently see young celebrities, daughters, and granddaughters wearing wigs. Teenagers and young women opt for hair topper, extensions, and weaves to achieve fuller and more voluminous hair. 

If the more youthful generation openly embraces this trend, there's no reason for you to feel concerned or embarrassed about wearing a wig. Instead, start considering it as an essential accessory before leaving the house. Like the rule of "No shirt, no shoes, no service," you can add "No wig, no going out" to the list.

2. Everyone Will Know I'm Wearing a Wig

Others hesitate to buy their favorite hairpieces as they assume their neighbors and passersby will notice they wear a wig. However, that's not the truth. Although celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Keira Knightley wear wigs to events, they look natural and glamorous. Also, manufacturers design today's wigs, including high-quality lace wigs, to look like human hair, so people usually can't tell if someone is wearing one.

3. My Head Is Too Big or Small for a Wig

Like finding the right dress size, you must know your correct measurements to ensure a well-fitting wig. A properly fitting garment or accessory feels comfortable, enhances your appearance, and highlights your natural attributes. You can determine your wig size by measuring your head using specific measurements.

4. Human Hair Wigs Always Look Better than Synthetic Ones

Many women are concerned that synthetic wigs will have an artificial appearance. However, today's artificial hairpieces are much better quality and look more natural than in the past. It should not have that shiny, unnatural appearance unless you buy a cheap wig. 

5. A Wig Means Limiting Myself to One Hairstyle

The myth that you can't change a wig's style is untrue. You can learn how to style a wig, use heating tools on specific hairpieces, or buy a new one to change your style. They're versatile, allowing you to style them differently thanks to monofilament cap and lace front designs. Also, consider your desired preferences before purchasing a wig.

6. Wig Maintenance and Styling Is Too Hard

It's normal to face challenges when trying new things, like doing a blowout or wearing a wig. Making mistakes is part of learning, so don't stress. It also applies to maintaining and styling wigs. With practice, you can become skilled like a professional stylist but don't expect to be an expert immediately.

7. Wigs Will Stunt Hair Loss and Damage Skin

Although wearing a wig won't inhibit your natural hair regrowth, you should still care for your scalp to prevent skin damage.

8. Wigs Can Blow off in the Wind or Fall off When I Bend Over

People typically use wigs that aren't in place for movie comedic effects. However, a properly fitted wig should never fall off. Wigs usually have adjustable straps to ensure a secure fit. Use additional methods like wig tape, gel wig headbands, toupee clips, and bobby pins to secure the hairpiece.


Despite being a convenient and popular way to boost one's self-esteem, others hesitate to buy human hair wigs due to several misconceptions. You can regain your self-esteem and improve your appearance by getting the facts right and buying from a reputable shop. 

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