Lace Base Hair Topper

Lace base human hair topper is type of hairpiece that is designed to cover thinning or balding areas on the top of the head. It is made using a lace-like material that is lightweight and breathable. The hair on the topper is hand-tied onto the lace base, creating a natural appearance.

Natural and Realistic Appearance: The lace base closely mimics the look and feel of the scalp, giving the illusion of real hair growth. This creates a seamless and natural blend with your existing hair.

Breathability and Comfort: The lace material used in the base allows for better airflow to the scalp, making it more breathable and comfortable, especially in warmer weather or during extended wear.

Versatility in Styling: Lace base toppers offer versatility in styling options, including the ability to part the hair in different directions, tie it up in various hairstyles, or even apply heat for straightening or curling.

Secure and Adjustable Fit: Lace base toppers can be attached using clips, tapes, or adhesive, providing a secure and customizable fit. This ensures that the topper stays in place during daily activities.

When choosing a lace base human hair topper, it is important to consider factors such as size, color, and length to ensure a perfect match with your natural hair. Proper care and maintenance are also necessary to keep the topper in its best condition and prolong its lifespan.

The hair used in our Lace Base Virgin Human Hair Toppers is 100% virgin human hair. It has never been chemically processed or treated, retaining its natural texture, shine, and durability. With virgin human hair, you have the freedom to style and customize the topper to match your desired look perfectly.
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About Ulofey

Ulofey is a small family-owned enterprise with its headquarters based in China. Our passion lies in providing high-quality wig products made from 100% Virgin Human Hair, Our product include Virgin Human Hair wig, remy human hair wigs, synthetic wigs, unprocessed Virgin Human Hair toppers, men's toupees, and custom wigs .

We are dedicated to providing high-quality wig products made from the finest raw materials. What sets us apart is that our team directly purchases these raw materials, eliminating the price difference caused by intermediaries.

At Ulofey, we believe that true artistry lies in the craft itself. Our dedicated team of skilled artisans possesses an innate understanding of the intricate process of creating customized wigs. Combining their expertise with meticulous attention to detail, they handcraft each product with precision and care. From sourcing the finest materials to meticulously hand-tying each strand, we ensure that every wig and hair product that leaves our workshop is a masterpiece.

About the Difference Between Virgin , Remy & Non-Remy hair


Virgin hair is natural human hair that has never been altered. It has not been colored, and the cuticles haven’t been stripped - it hasn’t been processed in any way. It’s been harvested from a single donor who did not process their hair. Usually, all hair vendors need to do with virgin hair is clean it, weft it, and resell it.

Virgin hair is the most sought-after hair type of all. It is of high quality and lasts for a long time, being that it’s just like the hair that grows from your head. It’s the best hair type that you can get and also the hardest to find.

Virgin hair can last for several years with careful handling. Throughout that time, you can color it and chemically process it (in moderation) to complement your style.

Remy hair is human hair that has unstripped cuticles (they are intact), and strands that go in one direction; this makes for easy detangling and lots of body. The hair comes from human ponytails or may be shaved from the scalp.

Our Remy human hair is carefully sourced and selected to ensure that the cuticles are aligned in the same direction, resulting in a smooth and natural look. This type of hair is known for its softness, durability, and ability to blend seamlessly with your own hair. With proper care, our Remy human hair wigs will maintain their luxurious appearance for an extended period.

Non-Remy hair is human hair harvested from multiple heads. It is sometimes collected in piles. Since the hairs are not collected all from one head, the cuticles do not all face the same direction. It would be too time-consuming to manually flip all the hair strands the same way. So, to minimize tangling and frizzing, manufacturers of non-Remy hair use a special process to remove all the cuticles. This process is very hard on the hair and makes it more fragile, shortening its lifespan.

As you may have already guessed, non-remy hair is hair that does not have all the strands running in the same direction. In general, the absence of organization tends to lower the cost of the hair extensions. However, they don't look as natural and they tend to tangle more often than remy hair.

At Ulofey, we are proud to have only selected the highest quality Remy and Virgin hair for our products.

By selecting only Remy human hair and Virgin human hair for our products, we ensure that our customers receive the best quality wigs that are long-lasting, versatile, and maintain their original beauty.